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Our purpose is your well-being and mental health. 24/7 video based real time support groups and tools to help you connect with REAL people who offer friendship, support, a listening ear, and like-mindedness. No more superficial. No more fake friends, bots and numbers. Through our community of coaches, therapists, counselors, psychologists and just all around really cool people who’ve experienced things you are going through, you can connect to find support, help and friendship.

Meetopolis provides those struggling with anything from stress and burnout to addiction recovery or depression with a platform for 24/7 around the clock support via video groups.

You are never alone with Meetopolis.

Support groups around the clock

Find like minded individuals who will understand and support you

Find wellness workshops

Stress less and improve focus

Therapist, counselor and coach led online group support

Manage daily depression through connection and mindfulness

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